Citizens Charter

This Citizen’s Charter is in compliance with RA 9485 otherwise known as the Anti- Red Tape Act of 2007 (ARTA) and Civil Service Memorandum NO.12, S. 2008.

This CITIZEN’s CHARTER ia a product of collaborative efforts of the University’s Key Officials, Deans, Directors and Heads of Units. It describes the step-by-step procedures in availing the key services of the University in commitment to provide efficient and highest quality services to the clients. It ensures transparency and right to information.

We hope that on their part, the clients would respond and reciprocate in a positive way because we believe RSU is pushing aggressively to make a difference.


We, the members of the Faculty and Staff of the Romblon State University, do hereby pledge and commit to:

R esponsibly and willingly do our best to provide quality education to the youth of this country;
S incerely ensure strict compliance to rules, regulations, and ethical standards in the implementation of the programs, projects, and activities with transparency and fairness; and
U nselfishly and unanimously take responsibility in the accomplishment of the University’s goals for the people’s welfare.

Integrity, we VALUE Nobility, we LIVE BY; Sincerity, we PLEDGE.


Your comments and suggestions will help us improve the delivery of our services. You may do any of the following:

  • Accomplish our Feedback Form and drop it in the suggestion box located at the entrance of the respective offices of the Romblon State University or email it to .
  • Inform our Officer of the Day assigned in the Public Assistance Desk
  • Call our Hotline: 567-5859
  • Our policy on frontline services is “NO NOON BREAK”.
I. Admission Office
Administration of the Entrance Examination
Processing of Applications for the RSU College Admission Test (RSU-CAT)
Release of Entrance Examination Results and Endorsement of Freshmen Enrolees
II. Cashier
Collection of Payments
Disbursement of Cheques
Disbursement of Cash
III. Guidance and Placement
Issuance of the Certificate of Good Moral Character
Guidance and Counselling Service
Handling of Complaints of Students
IV. Library
Conduct of Library Instruction Session
Assistance on Student Resource Queries
Issuance of Library Cards
Facilitation of Multi-media Services
Borrowing of Books/Resource Materials (B/RM)
Return of Books/Resource Materials (B/RM)
Validation of Library Cards
Signing of Student Clearance
Borrowing of Books/Resource Materials (B/RM) for Photocopying
V. Medical and Dental Services
Conduct of Annual Medical Examination
Conduct of Annual Dental Examination
Treatments of Minor Injuries and Wounds
Consultation, Dental Procedure, Prescription and Dispersal of Dental Medicines
VI. Registrar
Issuance o f Transcript of Records (TOR)
Issuance of Diploma
Issuance of Certification of Grades
Issuance of Completion of Grades
Adding / Dropping / Changing of Subjects
VII. Student Affairs
Processing of Scholarship Applications (CHED Scholars)
Registration of Entrance Scholars
Registration of Resident Academic Scholars and Barangay Beneficiaries
Accreditation / Reaccreditation of Student Organizations
Securing of Permits of Student Activities
Handling of Complaints of Students/Faculty
Processing of Applications for Student Assistantship
Signing of Clearance
Issuance of Gate Pass for Students with Vehicle