Mission & Vision


The OSA envisions promoting the welfare of every RSUian ingenuously with ardent prayer, faith, fairness, affection towards the realization of his or her dream and aspiration for the betterment and finally being a steward of goodwill.


The Office of Student Affairs shall assist the RSU Administration in the implementation of its different programs and shall have the mission to define the significant role of every clientele in getting involved in various activities that will help develop him or her into a well-rounded personality, ready to face problems and challenges and willing to take part in greater and more challenging tasks; identify the benefits he or she would gain through active participation in collaborative endeavors and the vision to lead a meaningful and memorable residency in the Romblon State University.


  1. To give students guidance and counselling to overcome fright, to increase self-confidence and to value self-esteem
  2. To encourage students to express their ideas, feelings and emotions for better and mutual understanding
  3. To train students to lead, to follow, to implement and to safeguard the policies of the University and to appreciate the significance of humility
  4. To inculcate in the heart and mind of every student the essence of academic freedom and to guide them on how to exercise such right with valor and pride